Estate Appraisals

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Artabella Jewelry Appraisals works closely with many attorneys handling probate cases. We understand the sensitive circumstances surrounding estate appraisals, and work quickly to document the fair market value of the items. When the estate is settled, we can assist in the equitable distribution to heirs, or the liquidation of the assets.


Equitable Distribution
When a collection of jewelry must be split among heirs, it is often necessary to have a fair market evaluation performed to facilitate the division. Artabella will prepare a report documenting the value of each piece. After distribution of the items, that report can be converted into individual insurance appraisals for the heirs.


Donation Appraisals
If you are planning to make a large (in excess of $5,000) donation of jewelry to your favorite charity, you will need a donation appraisal report to file with your Federal Income Tax Return. We can prepare an accurate appraisal and determine the fair market value of the donated jewelry items. Additionally, we will help fill out the IRS form.