New Purchase Verifications

loupeDid You Get What You Paid For?
Artabella can help you determine if that new gem or piece of jewelry is what it was represented to be. There are many treatments and enhancements being performed on gems to make them look better. If you have, or are considering purchasing an important stone that does not have any laboratory report — it is a good idea to verify the authenticity and value of the stone.

Purchases are often made at estate sales, with the buyer acting on a hunch that they found an undervalued bargain. Whether for curiosity, or for resale documentation, Artbella can provide an accurate value along with a details identification.

Buying Sight Unseen
Internet purchases are becoming more common and an appraisal can verify that diamonds (or other jewelry) purchased off the Internet, match the certification or appraisal that accompany the item. Should a discrepancy or conflict arise with your new purchase,  many internet companies will only accept appraisals from independent jewelry appraisers.