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How About This For Christmas?


A Christmas card from Gilded Age Greetings’ Grand Couture line.

Sometimes it’s a pricey gift, and sometimes it’s just a card. And then sometimes it’s a pricey card.

This Christmas, Miami-based greeting card manufacturer Gilded Age Greetings is offering hand painted cards, in which the lettering is from gold and the decoration includes diamonds, rubies and sapphires. A single card could put you back a cool $5,000.

Other gemstones are used as well in the company’s Grand Couture line. The pigments used are made of lapis lazuli and malachite and other cards include amethyst, and green and red garnet.

Each card comes in its own silk box, with documentation that is specific to it, such as the title of the piece and a materials list including gemstones.

Also included is a set of white gloves for proper handling of the greeting card.